Black Widow Ultimate Muzzleloader in black synthetic McMillan stock
Craig's Elk
Steve Roane's Mule Deer
Ryan's Blonde Bear
Heather's Michigan Buck
Jason's Elk
Brandon's Mule Deer
Brandon Goodwin's Bison
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Craig Muennink


Steve Roane

Distance: 400 yds.


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Brandon Goodwin


Brandon Goodwin


Brandon Goodwin


Debbie McCormick

Distance: 150 yds.


Andy McCormick

Distance: 200 yds.


Andy McCormick

Jim Stewart wins national muzzleloader championship 2014 in Friendship, Indiana

Feature Story

Jim Stewart Wins 2014 Inline Hunter Muzzleloading Match!

Jim Stewart recently used his Johnston Muzzleloader to win the Inline Hunter Muzzleloading Match in Friendship, Indiana. Jim posted a total score of 248-7x out of a possible 250 point aggregate to become the overall winner. More >>

Johnston Muzzleloader: Custom, Long Range Muzzleloader

Ultimate Firearms makes the BP Xpress, the Johnston Muzzleloader, the world's best custom muzzeloader. With velocities approaching 2400 feet per second (fps) with a 300 grain bullet (with 200 grains of Pyrodex Pellets), the ability to burn up to 4, 50 grain pyrodex pellets (200 grains!), and an easy, 2 minute cleanup, this is truly a scientifically engineered, long range muzzleloader that harbors tremendous accuracy and power. Read this article about our 500 Yard Muzzleloader (1.7Mb PDF)


ATTENTION: Remington has recently issued this voluntarily recall notice (1.6Mb PDF) on rifles with XMP triggers dated May 1, 2006 to April 9, 2014. When you purchase a muzzleloader from Ultimate Firearms, please know that all triggers we use, including these XMP triggers, are thoroughly inspected and enhanced, so we are very confident this recall does not affect the muzzleloaders we sell. However, to be safe, Remington is offering a free inspection and specialized cleaning of any affected weapon. We encourage you to check with Remington if your weapon's serial number is affected. Remington will provide completely free resources (all shipping, inspections, cleanings) to address any concerns you may have. Thank you.

Kenneth Johnston, President
Ultimate Firearms, Inc.
We once again have our 275 grain Fury muzzleloader bullets in stock! Buy Fury Bullets here.
Please order your custom muzzleloader well in advance of when you need it as we do not stock pre-made muzzleloaders. Each is custom made to order and requires individual time & attention. Thank you!
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Johnston Muzzleloader - Black Widow thumbhole McMillan stock

Put 'Em in a Pile at a Quarter Mile with the Johnston Muzzleloader!

The Johnston Muzzleloader™ by Ultimate Firearms, Inc. has documented kills on big game well in excess of 500 yards. If you are a competent shooter, this gun will do it! Accuracy is everything! The Johnston Muzzleloader is custom made for the discriminating hunter looking to maximize his shooting potential and hunting effectiveness. Use our muzzleloader and see if that buck 300 yards across that cut bean field gets away from you this fall!

Custom Muzzleloader that is Safe and Reliable

The Johnston Muzzleloader has been subjected to just over 125,000 psi breech pressures. That amount would cause failure in most any other muzzleloader. The rifle has a lugged, locking bolt with two blow by ports to prevent any primer blowback. Due to the patented ignition system, there are no gases expelled through the breech plug.

Patented Muzzleloader Primer - The Game Breaker

The Johnston Muzzleloader is primed with our unique, patented, .45 caliber brass casing with a magnum rifle primer which is ten times hotter than a .209 primer. No more having to load those tiny little caps or .209's, simply lay the .45 casing in the chamber and rack it forward. The casing surrounds the nipple, meaning no blow back! You get clean casings each shot that can simply be reprimed and used again. Watch this video of our magnum primer in action.

Muzzleloader Rifle that Cleans like a Centerfire Rifle

Gone are the days of removing breech plugs and scrubbing tiny parts. The Johnston Muzzeloader is scientifically engineered to such tight tolerances that there is no fouling blown down the threads during ignition, thus no need to remove it and clean it! Simply clean this muzzleloader from the bore as you would other weapons. Two to three patches in between shots (for maximum accuracy) takes barely a minute...just watch our cleaning video for proof!

The Johnston Muzzleloader Blows the Competition Away - It's a Game Changer

The Omega, Disc Extreme, Bad Bull, Pro Hunter... Knight, Thompson Center, Savage, White... no other muzzleloader matches up. Our Johnston Muzzleloader will consistently out-shoot and out perform any other muzzleloader on the market today. Others may say theirs is the best muzzleloader but how many of their weapons are dropping whitetails at 300 yards and beyond? Check out these detailed muzzleloader ballistics from our recommended Fury Bullet and the Johnston Muzzleloader.