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Testimonial from HP Gregory

Hey Randy. I hope the winter has treated you well. I wanted to take a minute and give you an update on what I have been doing with the ultimate rifle I have been working with the past year. before I got the ultimate I had heard a lot about them. always at the top of the list was their quality. the next thing mentioned was the amazing power ultimate rifles can produce. I was very pleased to have the chance to try one of your guns out so I could see for myself.

I was very excited the day I picked up that shiny stainless 50 cal rifle. I could hardly wait to take it out of the box. when I looked it over I was very impressed. the fit and finish were equal to any custom rifle I have seen. seeing that it had a Remington action was very comforting. they have always been one of my favorite modern rifles. as I examined the gun from stem to stern I could not believe it was really a muzzleloader. it was simply beautiful.

When I finally had time to take the rifle to the range. I felt like a kid at christmas. I couldn't wait to see what she could do. I didn't want to start with a full house hunting load so I decided to use 90 grains of triple seven powder and one 275 grain plastic tipped fury bullet in a sabot.

After cleaning the barrel to remove any oil I loaded the ultimate up and placed it in the rest on the bench. I placed one of the primed 45 winchester mag pistol cases in the action and started to sight the rifle in at 100 yds. after the first shot I looked the winchester case over. it didn't even have any smoke inside it.

I was impressed that the case acts as a sealed ignition. since there is no blow back the action stays clean and the velocity stays very consistent. after getting a 100yd zero I settled down to shoot some groups. after 5 shots I was amazed. it was very easy to shoot impressive 5 shot groups. I have always wiped a rifle out after each shot when I work up a load. with the ultimate I was very surprised at how little fouling there was. in fact this rifle is the cleanest shooting muzzleloader I have ever fired. I'm sure the internal polishing of the barrel as well as the sealed ignition help contribute to this.

Now just so you will know, a little while back I won the individual portion of the NMLRA manufacturers match for modern inline rifles three years in a row. I was sponsored by one of largest american muzzleloading company's on the market. I was using a factory prepared rifle that was produced just to win that match. that rifle was the most impressive muzzleloader I had ever shot. up until now. When I shot that factory custom made hand tuned target rifle I expected to shoot a ten at 100 yds. that's a 2 inch circle.

Now when I shoot the ultimate rifle the 10 ring is a given. I now expect to shoot an x which is a 1 inch circle. I find this kind of accuracy unheard of with a muzzleloader. After all my years of shooting I find that the ultimate muzzleloader has been the most impressive rifle I have ever shot. the action, barrel, ignition system and bedding system are all state of the art. if you couple this rifle with Hodgdon pyrodex or trip 7 powder and fury bullets you will have not only the most accurate muzzleloading rifle going but the most powerful as well. Simply put, I find ultimate muzzleloaders to be the baddest boys on the block.

-- HP Gregory