Johnston Muzzleloader Accessories
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Attention: We once again have our 275 grain Fury muzzleloader bullets in stock!. Buy Fury bullets online or call us at 517-349-2976.


ATTENTION: Remington has recently issued this voluntarily recall notice (1.6Mb PDF) on rifles with XMP triggers dated May 1, 2006 to April 9, 2014. When you purchase a muzzleloader from Ultimate Firearms, please know that all triggers we use, including these XMP triggers, are thoroughly inspected and enhanced, so we are very confident this recall does not affect the muzzleloaders we sell. However, to be safe, Remington is offering a free inspection and specialized cleaning of any affected weapon. We encourage you to check with Remington if your weapon's serial number is affected. Remington will provide completely free resources (all shipping, inspections, cleanings) to address any concerns you may have. Thank you.

Kenneth Johnston, President
Ultimate Firearms, Inc.


Butch's Black Powder Bore Shine

Butch's Black Powder Bore Shine

Butch's Black Powder Bore Shine is the best, fastest way to clean and protect your Johnston muzzleloader. This is a special formula used by the US military to clean aircraft cannons. It completely dissolves fouling residue and completely neutralizes the corrosive acids produced by black powder. It cleans thoroughly and leaves a microscopic layer of rust inhibitor to condition the bore. We feel you cannot buy a better black powder cleaner.

Price: $10.00