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Johnston Muzzleloader's Testimonials

Here are some words and photos from happy customers.

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Hello Ken. Your daughter asked me to send a picture of my Elk if I was successful on my New Mexico Elk hunt. Here’s I little bit of how it all went down. I arrived at Trophy Ridge Outfitters on Friday afternoon 11/20 for the start of my 5 day Elk Hunt. 21st-25th. Most of the hunters were checking their guns at the onsite gun range to make sure there guns were shooting accurately after the long trip to Luna NM. There were hunters from Georgia, Texas, Minnesota, North Dakota, LA and myself from Washington. There were all kinds of different makes and models of muzzleloaders. Bullets were flying all over the place. When it was my turn to step up to the bench I set my Ultimate Firearms BP Express Johnston Muzzleloader in the shooting saddle and fired my first shot at the 200yard target and nailed a perfect bullseye! On the fourth afternoon of my hunt I was able to take this beautiful elk at 289 yards. One shot right through its heart. It took about 5 steps and and piled up before he knew what hit him! If I was not carrying the Johnston Muzzleloader I would not have harvested this elk. The gun is truly awesome! Sincerely John Hines


John Hines

I shot this elk at 460 yards in New Mexico on October 27th, with Mangas Outfitters out of Pie Town, NM. I thought you would like to know how well the Black Widow performed. You can verify the kill and the distance with Tuffy Barnett at Mangas Outfitters. They have other pictures available for you to use.


Glenn Whitney

I purchased the BP express after I booked a late season elk hunt in New Mexico. I was able to take my first bull elk at 400 yards! Amazing gun!!


Gered De Hoogh

BP Xpress at its best. Thanks for dialing me in.


Billy Parker

I thought you might enjoy these pictures of my trip to Oklahoma. Hog was taken at 45 yards Whitetail was taken at 200 yards. With 180 gr pyrodex mag primers and 300gr bullet. Clean pass through, double lung. Deer field dressed at 208lbs and had a 30 inch neck and 24 inch inside spread. Thank you for making such an awesome muzzleloader. Going to be purchasing a new ultimate firearm from you for my dad very soon !!


Jarrett Burgess

Whitetail was taken at 200 yards. With 180 gr pyrodex mag primers and 300gr bullet. Clean pass through, double lung. Deer field dressed at 208lbs and had a 30 inch neck and 24 inch inside spread. Thank you for making such an awesome muzzleloader. Going to be purchasing a new ultimate firearm from you for my dad very soon !!


Jarrett Burgess

"With my new Johnston muzzleloader!! Thanks for everything!"


Brian Agnetti

Here is the Beaver mountain black bear I harvested on May 7th, '15 with my Johnston Muzzleloader. Used a 275 grain fury. Shot him in the cave we're in front of at about 5 feet. Pretty hair raising for sure!


John Koster

This was a one shot kill at 250 yards. I've named my gun the "Grim Reaper". Thanks Ken!


Bob Schoneberger

Richard's Coues deer. Green scored for B & C entry. Awaiting 60 day drying period for final score. 154 yard shot with ultimate firearms muzzleloader. 300 grain Whitetail medicine Bullet. Great quality firearm! Thanks!!


Richard Coatney

This is my Arizona elk I shot at 332 yards, downhill. One shot and the bull made it 15 yards. Great gun Good job.


Bob Hughes

I am just returning from my antelope hunt in New Mexico. Attached is a photo. The muzzleloader performed as expected. One shot kill at 272 yards!


Belton Noseworthy

Thanks Ken the muzzleloader you sold me was everything you said it was. I shot 4 deer with it last season from 15 yards to 280 yards including my best buck to date, a 163 inch 10 pointer which won me a new bow in a big buck contest. Every deer I shot didn't make it 15 yards most dropped dead in their tracks. I also shot a couple coyotes with it. Thanks Ryan Roeder


Ryan Roeder

George Perry shot this group with his new Game Breaker .450 Bushmaster. Said George, "First time shooting the Game Breaker beyond 100 yards. I sent 5 rounds at 300 yards from a clean barrel. Another outstanding product by Ken Johnston!".


George Perry

My carbon stealth muzzleloader had a good year. My wife, Carole, made a great 300 yard shot on New Mexico elk and her guide, Brendon Rosales made a 200 shot on a chocolate black bear. I connected on a 135” Illinois buck with a 70 yard shot. Greg White


Greg White

My first buck with the Ultimate Muzzleloader an it performed excellent! At 167yds this buck from Iowa only took 2 steps an it was lights out. The gun with the whitetail medicine bullets are the perfect combination. Thank you all for a GREAT Muzzleloader!!!


Ryan Hiatt

Thought you might get a kick out of this, Sept 2014, the bull in the center and the bull on the left were both taken with one of your rifles. We were both strangers before the hunt, one shot kills 250+ and 350+ yds, we both love your muzzleloader! RW Steward


RW Steward

Phil Douglas shot this nice buck with his Johnston Muzzleloader. "Love my Johnston Muzzleloader!" said Phil


Phil Douglas

Nik Woods shot this 1 13/16" group with 5 shots at 550 yards.


Nik Woods

Jon Barker shot this elk at 352 yards with his Johnston Muzzleloader. First of all the gun shoots great!!! I just got back from an elk hunt in New Mexico and shot the largest elk of my life at 352 yards with the gun. One shot, he went thirty yards and was done!!! See photo of the bull and the shot. I couldnt be happier with the muzzleloader!


Jon Barker

Another happy client of G3 Outfitters thanks to the Johnston Muzzleloader! We at G3 Outfitters highly endorse the Johnston long range muzzle loader. We have been using this gun exclusively for 7 years with unbelievable success. Another year in the books and many fantastic hunts with this gun to harvest big game animals in New Mexico. Thank you Ultimate Firearms Inc, you guys rock! I can't say enough good about your gun, your service and your friendship. Thank you, Thank you!! H Jay Platt G3 Outfitters


G3 Outfitters

Happy ibex hunter of G3 Outfitters We at G3 Outfitters highly endorse the Johnston long range muzzle loader. We have been using this gun exclusively for 7 years with unbelievable success. Another year in the books and many fantastic hunts with this gun to harvest big game animals in New Mexico. Thank you Ultimate Firearms Inc, you guys rock! I can't say enough good about your gun, your service and your friendship. Thank you, Thank you!! H Jay Platt G3 Outfitters


G3 Outfitters

Happy ibex hunter of G3 Outfitters We at G3 Outfitters highly endorse the Johnston long range muzzle loader. We have been using this gun exclusively for 7 years with unbelievable success. Another year in the books and many fantastic hunts with this gun to harvest big game animals in New Mexico. Thank you Ultimate Firearms Inc, you guys rock! I can't say enough good about your gun, your service and your friendship. Thank you, Thank you!! H Jay Platt G3 Outfitters


G3 Outfitters

We at G3 Outfitters highly endorse the Johnston long range muzzle loader. We have been using this gun exclusively for 7 years with unbelievable success. Another year in the books and many fantastic hunts with this gun to harvest big game animals in New Mexico. Thank you Ultimate Firearms Inc, you guys rock! I can't say enough good about your gun, your service and your friendship. Thank you, Thank you!! H Jay Platt G3 Outfitters


G3 Outfitters

We at G3 Outfitters highly endorse the Johnston long range muzzle loader. We have been using this gun exclusively for 7 years with unbelievable success. Another year in the books and many fantastic hunts with this gun to harvest big game animals in New Mexico. Thank you Ultimate Firearms Inc, you guys rock! I can't say enough good about your gun, your service and your friendship. Thank you, Thank you!! H Jay Platt G3 Outfitters


G3 Outfitters

Hello Ken. Now that the fall hunts are starting to wind down I have time to send you this picture. This is my daughter, Briana, who took her first elk with your muzzleloader! This hunt was one of the early bull hunts here in Arizona. I would like to thank you for what you do & the advantage your gun gave my daughter over this trophy bull! Russ Hunter



"On 6-26-14, I shot the attached target at 400 yards, using my Ultimate Firearms - BP XPress and Ken's 300gr Whitetail Medicine bullets." Nice shooting, George!


George Perry

I did not make a long shot on these. I was about 65 yards. But wanted to share with you that I took out both animals with one shot. With my black widow. Unbelievable hunt. When smoke cleared I had two on the ground. Lol. I love my muzzle loader. Thanks for everything. Randy Simmons


Randy Simmons

My 2nd buck of 2013! Your gun & loads are devastating! Thanks again!!


Jon Ross

My cousin, Jason, shot this billy last muzzleloader season at 566 yards. After the shot, I said, "You missed!" He laughed & said, "Look he's going down!!" The billy took about 5 or 6 steps & fell over!



Gracie Johnson, 8 years old, got her first deer with the Johnston Muzzleloader with dad, Ryan, & Grandpa, Randy. It was a 90 yard shot. Great job Gracie!!


Gracie Johnson

Hey guys, I just returned from the shotgun/muzzleloader 1 2013 Iowa gun season. I shot this buck at a laser ranged 236 yards with 40 min to go on the last day of the hunt. Your product (and spending time shooting at 200 yards at my gun club) gave me the confidence that I could anchor this guy. Just wanted to say thanks for making such a game changing product. Marc Stewart


Marc Stewart

KJ, Great muzzleloader! I shot this bull at 350 yards in New Mexico on 11-19-2013. Thank You, Kevin Heimburg


Kevin Heimburg

James Theisen dropped this doe at 275 yards with his Johnston Muzzleloader. James sent us this nice note: "Dear Kenneth, Thank you so much for building such a great gun. I took me FIRST deer on dec 15 at 275 yards. It dropped in its tracks, the 300gr bullet blew through both front shoulders and took the top of the heart off!"


James Theisen

Thanks again for rushing those bullets to me! I harvested my best Arkansas buck ever! 148" The 300 grain bullet did its job! Thanks for making it possible. You all make an amazing gun! Jon Ross


Jon Ross

The Black Widow Bites a Manitoba Buck. Thank you for a Fantastic Firearm.


Ed Foumier

This buck was taken the first 20 minutes of the hunt. As the sun broke the horizon, this beautiful creature was in a meadow I was watching. It was almost surreal..... The red mountains in the background, the cold nipping at my hands and my nose. We (Jabe Warner, the guide and I) watched him for 5 minutes and I decided he was the one. I had a rock solid shooting position and was very confident in taking the shot. I practiced religiously with the muzzleloader until the hunt. I had to develop a load because I used a “lead free”, 250 grain bullet. It is coming out at 2525fps and bullet drops every 25 yards to 500 yards were taken. I have shot no less than 200 rounds through the “Ultimate Muzzleloader” and all the way out to 700 yards (with a different bullet and load combo). I looked through my scope. I remember telling myself, slow your breathing, find the mark, and squeeze. The muzzleloader filled the air with smoke. I could not tell if the bullet found it's mark. Fortunately, Jabe said, “he’s hit, he’s hit” then 15 seconds or so, “he’s down, he’s down, I don’t believe it at 387 yards”. It did find it’s way directly into the boiler room. I guess all my practice paid off....... As the old saying goes, "luck is when preparation meets opportunity". I was fortunate to have both that morning. I now have hormone free meat for the next year or so..... Thank you Ken for making the muzzleloader and Jabe for putting me on a very good deer. Many may believe the name “Ultimate Muzzleloader” is a bit pretentious. It’s not, IF, you can back it up………….. I can attest, many do not believe it’s possible. I hear it all the time. Take my word, it is real. Simply get to know your gear, know how it works, and pay attention to the fundamentals. Thank you for bringing this muzzleloader to the market! Regards, Johnny Burris


Johnny Burris

Earlier this year you spent a number of phone calls helping me to decide and purchase one of your muzzleloaders. I just completed my New Mexico hunt and took my very first bull. He is a 5x5 that I will never forget. Thank you for all your help. By the way, everyone in camp, including the guides, could not keep their hands off the Black Widow. Thank you Lennie Stanfield


Lennie Stanfield

140 yards with peep sights. Complete pass through of both front shoulders. Devastating!!!! Thanks for delivering a great muzzleloader.


Tim Pask

My name is Pat Watkins and my brother Sam purchased one of your guns last year. Our Kansas Muzzleloader season opened on 9/16/13 and Sam wacked this nice Buck on public ground, a 210 yard shot and dropped in his tracks. Sam was diagnosed with throat cancer 2 months ago and finished treatment on 9/9/13. The anticipation of using your muzzleloader and the goal of making it out opening day kept his spirits up through some very difficult treatment. I’m going to own one soon. Thank You, Pat Watkins


Sam Watkins

This is the ibex I took this year with your muzzleloader. Thanks for making such and awesome muzzleloader.


Joseph Graham

We had another good season with your muzzleloaders! Thanks Ken.


Fred Abbas

Ken, I used my carbon stealth to harvest this Illinois buck in the 2012 gun season. It gross scored 175 and was 130 yard shot. Thanks again for a great product. Greg White


Greg White

Just thought I'd send you over a picture of my deer I harvested in Saskatchewan this year. I shot it with one of the muzzleloaders my dad bought from you in 2005. I use to take pride in my arsenal of high end Rifles and now they are second to my ULTIMATE MUZZLELOADER.Thanks for the Best Firearm on the Market. Saskatchewan Dec 3rd 2012 Kevin Andrews


Kevin Andrews

Guys, I took this 162" IL brute 18 Nov 12 with your Ultimate muzzleloader.. 80 yds off hand, it rolled him up! What a fine weapon this thing is!


John Steele

I bought a BP Express two weeks before my late November Elk hunt in New Mexico. I was done the first day at 8:00 in the more morning. The Bull Dropped in his tracks at 450 yards.


Jeff Campbell

"On the Big Island of Hawaii during the 2012 State Puuwaawaa muzzle loader season I shot this spanish billy at 412 yards. I think I truly put my custom tactical muzzleloader to the test. Everything Ken told me has been spot-on. Thank you for making an ultimate muzzleloader!"


Gary Rubio

"On the Island of Lanai, Hawaii, during the 2012 State Mouflon Hunt, I shot this non-typical ram during the last hours of muzzleloader season at 186 yards. My custom tactical muzzleloader from Ken at Ultimate Firearms performed flawlessly and that whitetail medicine muzzleloader bullet dropped him in his tracks."


Gary Rubio

The ram is the new World Record Bighorn Sheep and scores 200 2/8 with horn lengths of 47 1/8 and 46 5/8. It was approximately a 140 yard shot. There is a video on Film Hunts International if you want to check it out. My guide was skeptical of me using a muzzleloader and offered to let me use his gun but I have the utmost confidence with my carbon stealth since it’s the most accurate rifle I’ve ever shot.


Greg White

The Ultimate Firearms Muzzleloader performs at close range flawlessly as Jeff Fidler harvested this great 8 point at a mere 8 yards!!! Thank You for the ultimate muzzleloader!!!


Jeff Fidler

I shot this 9 pt. in Illinois last November using my Carbon Stealth Ultimate Muzzleloader. I can’t say I put him in a pile at a quarter mile, but it did put him in a pile at 16 yards. I didn’t need that extended range this time but I’m sure it will come in handy in the future. Thanks for producing a great gun!


Greg White

"Thanks for all your help prior to purchasing my BP Xpress. I shot this beautiful elk at 416 yards!" -- Dave Miller Welcome to the 400 yard club, Dave!


Dave Miller

"I just thought that I would drop you an email thanking you for making and selling me the greatest firearm I have ever owned. I had a chance of a lifetime shot this morning at this buck at like 120yds. I shouldered my BP Xpress took a quick deep breath and placed the crosshairs of my scope right on the front shoulder exhaled and squeezed the trigger. When the smoke cleared he was down and didn't even know what hit him. I used you fury 275 grain sabot slug with three pellets of magnum pyrodex powder. The knockdown power is truly amazing.This muzzle loader has allowed me to have the utmost confidence in hunting with a muzzle loader the primer is super hot and has yet to fail me. It was hard to make the call to you to ask if my wife Jessica and I came up to your place if you would build me a custom gun just for me but it has simply been the best money I have ever spent for a gun. I have been and will continue to recommend your gun to my customers as well as friends." Thanks again, Jim Reitzel Edon, Ohio


Jim Reitzel

Wanted to share this photo with you. I took this 7 year old buck at 235 yards in Ohio. He didn't make it 5 yards. Thanks for the Ultimate Muzzleloader!


Eric Stack

The Ultimate Muzzleloader does it again! This is my Ohio 12 pt. This buck was shot on Jan 7, 2012 during the Late Muzzleloader Season. The Buck was shot at 150 yards with my Stealth Ultimate Muzzleloader. The Buck dropped right there. The Buck green scores 163 6/8", even with a broken off right G-3.


Gary Ferguson

I purchased this muzzleloader from you this summer and used it on my Iowa whitetail hunt. I had great luck in Iowa... I shot a 171" whitetail at 130 yards and the Fury bullet dropped him in his tracks. I am more than satisfied and impressed with your muzzleloading set up and products. Thank you.


Russ Denker

I took my best Arizona Coue�s deer in November with my new BP Express muzzleloader. I made a heart shot at 245 yards. I�m going to enjoy my new muzzleloader for years.


Bill Keebler

"In New Mexico, I shot this 375" bull at 100 yards. The Fury bullet dropped him in his tracks. I am more than satisfied and impressed with your muzzleloading set up and products."


Russ Denker

I shot this buck on 11/18/11 at 240 yards in northern Ionia, Mi. What a beautiful 8 point with a 21 3/8 inch inside spread. I couldn't have made the shot without my Ultimate Muzzleloader. Many people talk of seeing deer at distances of 250, 300, 350, 400 yards, and then say, "I wish I would of had your gun". I'm glad that I have your gun! Thanks Ken!


Gary Ferguson

I was able to get over to my gun club today for 30 min between appointments and ripped off 4 shots at 200 yards (3 reds and your 300 grain bullet).� The first shot was the flier and I knew right after I pulled the trigger I fudged it.� The next three made up a cluster with the last shot going right through the hole I made with the second shot. It's cheating using these guns!!!� Ha ha.� If I wasn't so rushed I know I could shoot a five shot group at an inch at 200 yards.� I have my cleaning process down and found a product I really like using.� I also now have the 'feel' when I load it (consistent pressure from shot to shot). Again, thanks for your help and great service.


Marc Stewart

This is the bull I shot at Mick Chapel's place in New Mexico for Elk Fever TV.� We got two bigger bulls on film that got away without a shot being fired.� This one was a chip shot at 200 yds............cheers, Darrell Wise


Darrell Wise

This is my friend, Lonnie Howerton's bull that he shot at 358 yds with one of your guns that he borrowed from Mick Chapel.� I think I have Lonnie talked into getting his own rifle from you for our next hunt.� He was considering a competitive brand for the cost issue, but I think I've got that eliminated...........will advise, Darrell Wise


Lonnie Howerton

"The 15 point buck that I tagged with my custom muzzleloader by Ultimate Firearms during the rut in November won 1st place in the Non-Typical Class at the Fishersville, Virginia Big Buck Contest. It scored 167 5/8 Boone & Crockett. I was surprised, but blessed. I tagged a real big 8 pointer the week before in the same spot. My other guns are now for sale!"


Jim Scott

I finished up the season with a fine, old Mississippi muzzleloader buck. It has been a very good year.


Brenda Valentine

It took a couple years but I finally found a reason to pull the trigger on my carbon stealth other than a paper target, an Illinois 10 pt. It's a great gun...shoots lights out. The customer service is outstanding also; you guys are always there to answer questions and when you took me to the shooting range when I purchased the gun it wasn't shooting up to your standards so KJ took the gun back to the shop and put a new barrel on it. An hour later KJ and the gun were back and I'm happy to say it shoots just fine now. The deer was only at 80 yards and never knew what hit him and I know a shot could be 5 times that far and if I missed it would be me and not the gun.


Greg White

212 5/8" New Mexico mule deer killed by Jay Platt with G3 Outfitters. "I am comfident shooting this gun at 450 yards. Every time we use it, we harvest animals. I shot this buck at 138 yards and crumbled him up. I wouldn't use any other muzzleloader on the market. I love my Ultimate!"


H. Jay Platt

Randy Macky of Oklahoma shot this bull at over 300 yards from on top of a peak. "We can take hunters who have never shot the gun and get it done at long range time and time again." said Jay Platt of G3 Outfitters in New Mexico.


Randy Macky

Lisa Hawkins shot this cow in December at 320 yards while hunting with H. Jay Platt's G3 Outfitters. She had never shot the gun prior to this shot that dropped this cow instantly. Lisa said, "This gun is amazingly fast and accurate!"


Lisa Hawkins

H. Jay Platt of G3 Outfitters in New Mexico, killed this bull at 236 yards with his Ultimate Muzzleloader. Said, Jay, "This bull was shot on public ground in a wilderness area. I shot him at 236 yards and dropped him quickly. I never have to guess if I can make the shot with the Ultimate Muzzle loader. Every time I use this gun, I'm blown away by the results. Honestly, it is the greatest muzzleloader available today. I can't wait till the next hunt."


H. Jay Platt

This Ultimate Firearms muzzleloader beats anything for accuracy from a muzzleloader that I've ever seen! This picture shows 3 shots, two at the left, I just shot from a measured 300 yards. Lots of guys on the forums I visit say they want a muzzleloader that they can kill deer from 300 yards with, yet they're always complaining that it can't be done with what they are shooting! All I can say to that is they're shooting the wrong rifle/bullet or either just can't shoot, period! Son, this one I shoot does it consistently...and will even do it back farther!! For reference, that inner steel plate is 20" diameter and the bolt head holding the plates on is 1.75" diameter! This is with a 275 gr. Whitetail Fury bullet with polymer tip and an equivalent charge of 190 grains of Triple 7 powder. I've had some experience with this rifle, testing it all the way back to 600 yards on my home range and of course my opinion means only something to me but in the final analysis I don't consider it priced too high because the Ultimate Muzzleloader is the only muzzleloader I've seen that would shoot MOA groups from 600 yards on a very consistent basis! Both myself and my son own these muzzleloaders and frankly....all BS aside.....after shooting almost everything thats come down the pike over many years concerning various makes/models of so-called muzzleloading rifles.....the Ultimate Muzzleloader tops them all....hands down! Whether or not you consider this rifle too expensive.....well..that's your opinion! I AM NOT BEING PAID to any firearms over others; rather I'm an 'end user' giving an HONEST OPINION of my personal findings.


Rick Mulhern

"Just returned from a deer hunt in Iowa and shot this buck at 245 yards. It was another confirmation that I made the right decision to purchase an Ultimate Muzzleloader. With any other muzzleloader at that distance, I would have had to watch this buck walk away. Thanks again for making a great gun!"


Drew Nielsen

Here's Drew's note that he sent with this picture of his 2010 Michigan buck: "I shot this buck yesterday in southwest Michigan with my Ultimate Muzzleloader. He was running wide open at 120 yards. The Fury sabot put him on the ground instantly! That's two nice bucks in two years with the Ultimate muzzleloader! I absolutely love the gun!"


Drew Nielsen

"This muzzleloader is the ultimate in every way accuracy, dependability and sheer knock down power. I shot three deer with it out to 150 yards and not one of them took a step. The ultimate firearms muzzleloader is the best gun out there... any game, any state."


Drew Trainer

Tristan Stempien's account of this nice Michigan buck: "The Saturday before opening day I received my new Black Widow Ultimate Muzzleloader from Ken Johnston. On opening evening, with my new Black Widow in hand, this monster buck stepped into the corn field tracking closely behind a doe. The moment he gave me a broadside shot I ranged him at 162 yards away. I pulled up, rested my muzzleloader on my shooting sticks, the nerves twitching from within, and pulled the trigger. I couldn't have pulled it off without the precision of the Black Widow Ultimate Muzzleloader. Thank you Ken Johnston for your amazing expertise and craftsmanship designing the "ultimate" muzzleloader."


Tristan Stempien

Once again Ultimate Muzzle loaders take the prestigious NRA & NMLRA championship at Friendship, Tim Marsh defeats all and continues his unbeaten streak with his Ultimate ML, His Remington action McMillan stocked factory Ultimate muzzle Loader is unbeatable Tim say's.


Tim Marsh

Jerry Lancaster of Oklahoma killed this beautiful New Mexico bull elk at 420 yards on the Horse Springs Ranch. Said Jerry, "Unreal, unreal, this would have been a tough shot with a rifle...and we did it with a muzzle loader! ...Unheard of!" Guide Harvey Jay Platt said Jerry made this shot in high winds across a deep canyon. Without this muzzleloader, this bull would still be roaming the hills today!


Jerry Lancaster

Justin Gayle of Brush Country Camo shot this nice Texas antelope with the Ultimate Muzzleloader. Said Justin, "I shot this antelope @ 150 yards. My guide was shocked that I was going to take a muzzleloader out for a Texas Panhandle antelope hunt. We sighted in at 300 and he quit asking questions. This was a stones throw compared to my 312 yard elk shot from last year. I'm going after the Texas Slam with my Ultimate Muzzy - antelope, whitetail, & mule deer. I'll keep you informed about the outcome."


Justin Gayle

I use the Ultimate Muzzleloader on my hunts all the time and I have had a lot of success with them, mostly over 350 to 400 yard shots. I would also like to get some brochures or business cards from your company that i can hand out in my camps. All of my guides (myself included) hate it when we have to guide someone on a muzzle loader hunt who does not have a Ultimate Firearms muzzle loader. Thanks guys!


Justin Erhart

Emilio Reyna shot this 337" elk at 250 yards, and the Arizona bull dropped in its tracks. "You guys build an awesome muzzleloader. Thanks for the great product offering!" said Emilio's father, David.


Emilio Reyna

Jungle Jim Scott gives a superb testimonial on the Ultimate Muzzleloader in this article he wrote for Precision Shooting Magazine: Said Jim recently: "As a Gunwriter, I get a glimpse of the inside of a lot of firearms operations. I thought I'd share an insiders bit of knowledge so you can hunt with one of these rifles this season. This is an opportunity to upgrade your collection of guns to include the world's best muzzleloading hunting rifle. The secret is in the superb performance based on its patented, ingenious ignition will out-shoot many custom centerfire rifles out to 500 yards. They are produced in very limited numbers by Ken Johnston, a Master Gunsmith in his 70's. They are a great investment in my view...they should be highly collectible in years to come. Here's the deal, if you want to hunt with one of these custom rifles this season, you need to order it during August or September. Custom orders take more time. If you have the opportunity to hunt Deer, Elk, Caribou or Moose with a muzzleloading hunting rifle prior to the centerfire rifle hunting need one of these rifles. Check out their website ASAP...a limited number of rifles are produced each year. Please tell all your friends that hunt about this muzzleloader....Thanks!"


Jungle Jim Scott

"The .50 caliber muzzleloader my son bought for me on Father's Day is unbelievably accurate. Ultimate Firearms should be very proud of producing and selling this very distinctive firearm. I hope in the near future that I will be able to purchase one for him. Firing this gun is like nothing I've ever experienced before."


Jack Willuski

"After all my years of shooting, I find that the Ultimate Muzzleloader has been the most impressive rifle I have ever shot. The action, barrel, ignition system and bedding system are all state of the art. If you couple this rifle with Hodgdon Pyrodex or Triple 7 powder and the Fury bullets, you will have not only the most accurate muzzleloading rifle going, but the most powerful as well. Simply put, I find Ultimate Muzzleloaders to be the baddest boys on the block. " Read HP's entire testimonial here:


HP Gregory

"I want to say thank you for the gun you sold me two years ago. I am living proof that this gun will always go "bang" in even the heaviest downpours. During the first week of this past deer season, my two friends, both with "lesser" muzzleloaders, each had either hang-fires or no-fires during the wet weather we experienced. At the end of the day, I was the one with the buck. Thank you for a superior product!"



"I drew an Iowa muzzleloader tag this past year, and went the first week of January. I carry a very popular muzzleloader that you see advertised on every TV show and in every magazine, and at that time thought i had the best muzzleloader available. When I got to Iowa, my outfitter, Gabe Adair, just laughed out loud and told me not to feel bad lots of people fall for that marketing scam... just leave that tomato stake in the gun case and use mine, he handed me your carbon stealth model and told me the gun's zeroes and really that was it. So on the fourth day, and remember the gun has been loaded for at least 4 days that I know of, I'm down to the last few milli-seconds of daylight when a buck stepped out of the timber at 200 yards. I was so cold I couldn't grunt loud enough to make him stop, I was only able to see the width of his rack. I made a decision to try to take the deer, and it still amazes me what happend... when I tell people around here they say yeah right... the deer was hard quartering away at 275 yards, holding the best I could for the kill zone. At the crack of the gun every deer in the opening bolted, with the buck I shot at leaving the quickest of them all. I phoned Gabe and told him I thought I got a bullet in him, but at that time I didnt know where. So I backed out till the morning. Gabe was adamant he kept saying if you hit him he's dead and I'm thinking "Yeah right." So the next morning we found blood right away and the buck went less than 100 yards. The bullet hit his right hind quarter and traveled the whole length of the body destroying the liver and the lungs. I was dumb founded. My compliments to the finest muzzleloader on the planet, and do you take tomato stakes in on trade? Thank you."


Jed Hammer

"The Ultimate Muzzleloader is my favorite gun period!!!!! I just returned from a great hunt in Alaska where I killed a big moose and bear. The moose is a little over 69 inches and the bear is an 8 1/2 footer. The moose was shot at 157 yards and died within 20 yards. The bear was shot at 50 yards and went 40 and piled up. The Ultimate Muzzleloader is the best muzzloader on the market!"


Shane Jacobsen

"I had another great hunt in Colorado, and shot another great buck. He scores 196 4/8 with velvet. I was using your recommended load of 165 gr 3-F Triple 7 and 338 gr platinum pwr belts. It was a 156 yard shot with open sites and I pounded him right through the front left shoulder. I was very pumped after the stalk and shot. He has 42 3/8 of mass, 17 G-2s and 12 4/8 G-4s. I love my gun."


Jerry Harbottle

"Guys, thanks for creating an amazing muzzleloader, the ULTIMATE! Why would you shoot ANYTHING else? The carbon stealth w Leupold Tactical is EVERYTHING you said! Last night I killed a doe here in Michigan at 255 yards while my son, Chase was watching. Chase picked the biggest doe in the field which was of course the furthest away. I dialed the scope to 2.5 and played a 3" right hold for the wind. Chase called it, "she's down" and I heard the whop! Randy, thanks for the the lessons & range time!"


Dan Flavin

In 2009, Allen Shearer killed the new World Record (pending) Roosevelt elk in British Columbia. Read Allen's full story here -


Allen Shearer

"An awesome weapon... I killed a hog with a perfect shot at 187 yards. Thanks guys!"


Nat Harris

"My grandson, Kelton, recently shot his first deer, a fat young doe, with his custom 50 caliber muzzleloader made by Ultimate Firearms. Kelton is a 9 year old third grader who lives in Hillsboro, Ohio. He dropped this doe on November 22,2008 during the first day of Ohio's youth deer gun season with a single 94 yard shot off a tripod. Kelton was using a 275 grain Fury bullet propelled by ONE pellet of Triple Se7en magnum powder. With minimun recoil, Kelton said he didn't feel it kick at all (an important factor for young hunters).The deer never took a step after the shot and had a gaping two inch exit wound. The pictures show the results of good training and preparation along with the ultimate youth muzzleloader by Ultimate Firearms. We cannot thank Ken Johnston enough for his commitment to excellence as he built this gun for Kelton. We hope more dads and grandpas will consider Ken's muzzleloaders as a means to help other youngsters have a chance to experience this opportunity; to find success in the outdoor world of hunting. Thanks Again!!


Kelton Anderson

"I just wanted to express my satisfaction with my BP Express. We've had a fantastic season with that muzzleloader, having taken 2 bucks and 4 does from Gallia County in southern Ohio. My buck is a mid 140's class 9pt (11 scoreable) buck with nice mass and was shot quartering to me, (he was running in to my grunt call) @ 60yds. The bullet performance was fantastic, dumping all of its energy on impact and the buck crumpled in its tracks. My buddy Craig hunting with me the next day shot a doe @ 240yds. She just rolled down the hill! I followed with a 200 yard shot on the doe that was running with Craig's. (Dropped in it's tracks) During the late muzzleloader season my father (Bill Trombly) borrowed a friend's (Rich Phillips) BP Express and shot a doe @ 256yds. This doe also piled up in its tracks! We've had a great season with our BP Expresses and I'm looking forword to many more years of memorable hunts. Thanks a bunch guys and good luck to you all!"


Mike Trombly

"Last year I harvested numerous does on our property with the Ultimate Muzzleloader, the longest shot being 215 yards (a perfect hit). This gave me confidence in the gun that if I can see a deer I can probably shoot and kill it. The 2008 Iowa shotgun season rolled around and a trophy buck made it was down a steep ridge on to my food plot 140 yards away. There was no question that with the Ultimate Muzzleloader I could harvest the buck with a single shot. The buck turned broadside and I placed the sights slightly behind the shoulder and fired the shot. The buck dropped in its tracks with a well-placed shot. It was a big, heavy 10 point that gross scored 166 inches. Thanks guys for building a truly remarkable firearm. "


Jason DeWitt

"While hunting with a friend of mine this past muzzleloading season I had the opportunity to shoot his BP Xpress Muzzleloader. I can truly say "I'm impressed". This was the first time I had ever hunted with a muzzleloader and let me tell you... I'm hooked. I am an avid outdoors girl and I work for Bass Pro Shops. Our store is filled with great hunting stories but I have to tell you that when I nailed my 11 point buck, well let's just say the "boys" back at the store were a little "green" and were even doubting the gun. Fear not, I have been quick to point them to your site. Anyway, my buck was trotting with two other bucks at 260 yards away. I shot him right through the heart and he went down about 60 yards later. What a rush! Thanks for making such a fine gun."


Debbie Labadie

"This is a repeat story from last year. Iowa in 2007, Michigan in 2008. Made a perfect 100 yard shot with my BP Express and he piled up 25 yards away. Don't know how the fury finds the heart every time but it does. Two years using the BP 50 cal. and two record bucks. This year's big buck scored 152 gross, 22.75" outside. Both of my sons shot bucks in Iowa this year also with their Ultimate Firearms muzzleloaders. They each scored high 160's. Thank you from one happy customer!"


Keith DeWitt

"I picked up one of your rifles used from a friend who sold me his old one to help pay for his new caron stealth. When I received the gun, it had been loaded for 6 months, last fired during the Michigan late muzzleloader season. I took the gun to the range and shot a 3-shot cloverleaf at 100 yards, the first shot being the 6-month old load. That was the summer of 08. Since then, I harvested 8 deer last year and 2 so far this year with all being one shot kills and not one of the deer shot taking so much as a step. All of the deer were hunted in the snow with temps 20 degees or less. I am a gunsmith and have shot most muzzleloaders that have come out in the last 30 years or so and have not been impressed by the accuracy or consistency of any of the in-lines on the market. I have to admit that I was a non-believer when I heard of your rifles but my experiences with my rifle has proven it to be the most consistent, reliable and accurate muzzleloader I have ever shot. I believe this to be the best non-traditional muzzleloading rifle in existence. No bull, no hype, just a damn fine rife! Thank you!"


Brant Ratliff

"Randy, first of all, thanks for all your help! You have been a huge benefit to me. Secondly, I do not know what to say about this gun. It blows me away every time I pick it up. It is truly a remarkable firearm! Man oh man did I have a great year with it. . . two great mule deer bucks and a 365 inch Arizona bull elk. One of the mule deer was a 285 yard shot. He was quartering away at a slow trot. I heard the thwack before the smoke even cleared. It was awesome. I can hardly wait for next year. Thank you so much! Randy, you are like an "on call" gun surgeon!!!!"


Jerry Harbottle

Allan Rovig killed this 170" beauty in Kansas on his first afternoon of hunting in September, 2008. It was a 284 yard shot in a 20mph crosswind. Said Allan, "We have Extensively tested The Ultimate Firearms 50 caliber muzzleloader and I must say it is in a class by itself. Accuracy is easlily MOA or less and bullet drop, or lack thereof, is not comparable to any other muzzleloader on the market today. These guns are more accurate than all but the most custom centerfires! My personal gun will shoot 3" or less MOA at 350 yards. . .EVERYDAY. Thanks for a fine weapon."


Allan Rovig

"My father and I have shot every muzzleloader in the industry and we have just about every record in the book, but once we came on board the Ultimate Team it's then that we found out what all the talk was about. It is by far the most user friendly muzzleloader ever made, period. The accuracy is by far the the best of the best. When the bullet does not go through the same hole, I know it was my fault because it will punch holes through holes all day every day with light loads or heavy loads and clean up is under a minute. . . the most impressive muzzleloading rifles made. "


Tim Marsh

Hank Parker Jr. shot this giant bodied buck in Canada in 2007. "This gun is bad to the bone!"


Hank Parker Jr.

"My 2007 elk harvest was a great success and an unforgettable hunt due in part to my first encounter with the 50 caliber ultimate firearm. My guide, Sonny Tapia, of Dream Mountain Outfitters, told me to leave my 50 caliber Thompson Center Encore in my gun case. He let me use his Ultimate Muzzleloader. I was skeptical at first until he took me to sight it in for my next day's hunt. I was amazed with the accuracy of the distance at 400 yards. With the confidence the gun gave me I was able to harvest the elk at 355 yards. The shot dropped him in his tracks. I wouldn't have felt confident taking the shot with my Encore. Thanks for developing such a powerful muzzleloader!"


Frank McClung

"The Ultimate Muzzleloader is the finest of the modern day muzzleloaders. Not only is the muzzleloader made with precision workmanship but the accuracy and beauty of the firearm is unmatched in the industry. Being a wildlife officer with two young boys, time is a valued commodity at my household, and the ease of cleaning The Ultimate Muzzleloader is one of the most important features of shooting the firearm. The team at Ultimate Firearms is the most personable and knowledgeable in the firearm industry. . . always willing to help get the most out of the firearm being used. Kudos to the you, Randy, and K.J. for putting the best of the best of muzzleloaders and rifles on the market. Keep up the good work. "


Allan Wright

"Being an avid bowhunter and not harvesting an animal with a firearm in 7 years I lost the excitement for gun hunting. Last year I shot an Ultimate Firearms BPxpress. . .now I can't put it down. Consistently shooting coyotes at 300 yards with a muzzleloader is as fun as it gets. . .Thanks for making an incredibly accurate muzzleloader. "



"My latest bull elk is the crowning achievement of my 30 years of elk hunting. It grosses over 380" Boone & Crockett. It was the first living thing I ever fired my Ultimate Firearm at. . .a 243 yd shot. . .off shooting sticks. I center punched him behind the shoulder with your 275 grain bullet. He took 2 jumps and piled "stone dead" into a cedar tree. I can't thank you and Ken enough for putting your rifle and bullets in my hands. I owe my success to you and am thoroughly convinced that no other muzzleloader can do what the Ultimate does. Confidence is 90% of any hunter's success and when packing the Ultimate in the future, I am confident there is a 100% chance that I will be notching my tag!! It isn't often that someone calls and thanks me, profusely, for my advise. However, I got a phone call from Allen Shearer, Belfair Washington, expressing his thanks for hooking him up with Ultimate Firearms and helping him get one of your muzzleloaders. He has already taken a couple of good animals with it. It is refreshing to have someone say thanks for steering them in the right direction, but it is the Ultimate Firearms team that deserves 100% of the credit. Keep up the good work."


Kelly Davis

"Boy do I love my new BP Express. I took it to Iowa for the gun opener and shot this dandy 12 point at 210 yards on the top of the power line hill. "


Keith De Witt

"The laser rangefinder read 302 yards. I was so confident with my BPXpress that i didn't think twice about the shot. I got a good rest, put my crosshairs on the shoulder, squeezed the trigger, and it dropped him like he was struck by lighting. What a gun. . .very impressive indeed! I can only say WOW WHAT A MUZZLELOADER!"


Billy "Catfish" Parker

"I hunt in the shotgun zone of Sanilac County, MI. Over the years, I have seen deer of this quality, only to watch them walk away because they were out of range. That all changed when I purchased your BP Xpress muzzleloader. On November 16, 2005 at 2:30pm, this nice whitetail entered my property chasing does. I took the shot at 225yds and fell this great Michigan buck. . . 9pt / 20-inch spread, 204lbs field dressed. Thanks for making a superior product that gave me the ability to TAKE THE SHOT!!!"


Scott Reid

"I shot a nice 9 pointer with my BP Express. He was about 150 yards away. One shot through the lungs and he went down in about 30 yards. I wouldn't have thought of taking the shot before getting this gun. "


Phil Knox

"I am sending a total of 10 pictures of targets that I shot at 100 and 300 yards, each with 3 shot groups. So far, I have fired 260 rounds with my muzzle loader. My goal is to shoot approximately 1500 rounds by hunting season. I have tested SST 300 grains, Shockwaves 300 grains, Barnes SBT 285 grains, Deadcenters 300 grains and QT 300 grains. As you can see, the Barnes and the Shockwaves shot the best. Thanks for such a great, reliable weapon!"


Dave Washnock

"November 16, 2007: Second day of Michigan's firearm deer season. In Zone 3, where i live, you can only use a shotgun, muzzleloader, or handgun to hunt whitetails. The story I am about to tell you is true and comes from a lot of practice. My hunting buddy, Scott Derisly, and I also do a lot of long distance shooting together, so it worked out perfect to have him as my spotter. I am using an Ultimate Muzzleloader on a Remington 40x action and a Jewell trigger to trip the firing pin set @ 12 ozs. The optics are Leupold MARK 4 TAC 3.5 x 10 x 40, 30mm tube in a McMillan stock, so basically I have a muzzleloader on steroids. Down the throat of this hand held howitzer I have 4, 50/50 pyrodex pellets and a 275 grain fury. I already know all my bullet drop from, again, lots of practice, out to 700 yards and i am very confident. . . okay, cocky. So on with the hunt. . . We got about an hour of daylight left when i see a gray spot that wasn't there a minute ago. We put the spotting scope on it and Scotty says "Big deer all by itself. " We decide to take the shot. Scotty ranges the deer with a Leupold RX-3 and tells me shoot it like it's 600 yards, so i check the wind. I dope it at 8 to 10 mph. I give 36 inches of drift and bullet spin, let out my breath, concentrate. . . BANG!!! Deer kicks its back legs, runs 30 yards and dies. You would have thought we just won the Super Bowl! It would not have been half the fun if I was by myself. Having my shooting buddy there made it that much better. To sum it up in a nut shell, I could not have had that kind of fun with any other muzzleloader. it is truly in a class of its own."


Randy Johnson