450 bushmaster rifle mcmillan stock
450 bushmaster
450 bushmaster black thumbhole mcmillan stock
Ultimate Firearms Game Breaker Rifle McMillan stock scoped black textured
mcmillan stock 450 bushmaster
100 yard three shot group with game breaker 450 bushmaster rifle
Game Breaker 450 Bushmaster Rifle by Ultimate Firearms
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Game Breaker - .450 Bushmaster from Ultimate Firearms
Now Legal in Ohio and Iowa!

Ken Johnston has done it again! Years of research and development has lead him to yet another revolutionary weapon from Johnston Firearms™. Introducing the Game Breaker line of rifles... LEGAL in some states with firearms restrictions on their gun deer seasons. The Game Breaker, available in the .450 Bushmaster, is a straight-wall casing rifle with devastating POWER and ACCURACY!

Shotgun Alternative

The Johnston Muzzleloader has always been, and still is, a great alternative in shotgun/muzzleloader only units. Now, the Game Breaker is another incredible option. The Game Breaker blows away the best slug guns on the market today. With incredible accuracy, power, and ease-of-use, the Game Breaker is a game changer! Now have all the benefits of the long range performance of the Johnston Muzzleloader with the ease of use and reloading speed of a multiple shot slug shotgun.

Available Calibers

  • 450 Bushmaster

Bullet Options

  • Hornady 450 Bushmaster
    • Available over the counter
    • 1.700" casing length
    • Tactical bullet: 325 grain, .650 BC
    • white-tipped: 300 grain, .250 BC

Lothar Walther Barrel

  • 1 in 24” twist
  • Stainless steel, Lothar Walther barrel
  • 20, 22, and 24" barrel lengths available

Incredibly Accurate!

100 yard 3 shot group - same hole
Randy Johnson shot this 3-shot group at 100 yards with the Game Breaker.


Choose your caliber, stock and accessories! We offer only the best in firearm components and accessories. Choose from McMillan or H & S Precision stocks. Our actions are Remington Model 700. Three and five shot clips are available.


Orders and info, call Ken at 517-349-2976


Game Breaker .450 Bushmaster – call for pricing

Game Breaker .450 Bushmaster in Gray Black marbled synthetic McMillan stock

(shown here in gray with black marble synthetic McMillan stock)
  • Synthetic stock
  • Remington Model 700 action
  • Enhanced trigger
  • Scope, bases, and rings sold separately
  • Fluting available
  • Cerekote barrel, bolt and action - add $1000
  • Scope sold separately, call for pricing

Bullet Options

450 bushmaster bullet straight wall casing - redHornady 450 Bushmaster
250 grain, $30 (box of 20)